Dichroic Glass Cabochons

A closeup of one piece to show the detail.  

The colors in these glass cabs are much more intense than the photos show - there are metallic and irridescent effects in each piece. Some of the closeups will give you a better idea of how the pieces look; the metallic sparkle and shine of the glass is often lost in photographs. The dichroic glass relects and transmits different colors and looks different depending on the surface it is placed on, the angle of light and other factors.  I guarantee the actual cabs look even better!

Multiple pieces are available for some styles, while others are one of a kind.  Not all are shown.  Each piece is handmade; so even when there are multiple pieces available, they will have slight variations. Some will have small bubbles.

You can also make beautiful wire wrapped jewelry from these glass cabs.  These are some samples of my work; I also make pieces with Sterling Silver/Goldfilled wire.
Dichroic pieces - $6.50
These are ideal for wire wrapping into beautiful jewelry (or add a glue on bail for a fast gift!)  They also look great inset into a gourd design.

These items are beautiful when inlaid into your gourds or used as accent pieces. 
 Glass Embellishments
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*Looking for turquoise, heishi and other special items?  To make each page load faster, these items are now on their own page:
 Inlay Supplies
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NOTE: All glass pieces shown below are only representative samples; many of these pictured are already sold, and many others are available but are not pictured.  

Don't know how to wirewrap?  Try these easy to use glue-on bails.  
These bails are easily attached to the back of any kind of jewelry such as dichroic glass or other flat backed items. Attach them with a small amount of glue or epoxy. The bails have a recessed area which minimizes glue mess and creates a nice clean finished appearance.  

Small Silver Bail   
$.50 ea
Small Gold Bail   
$.50 ea
NEW - Murano Glass Millifiori Cabochons  Beads

Beautiful millifiori ("thousand flowers") glass cabochons from Murano, Italy.  Each piece is unique, but they look similar to the ones shown here.  They are flat on the back for easy inlay into your gourd projects. 
18mm Round Red  $1 eachSold out

18mm Round Turquoise $1 each

18x24 mm Oval Red  $2 each

18x24mm  Oval  Blue  $2 each
New - Pendant settings

Full framed metal settings for cabochons.  All you have to do is glue the cabochon in place and they are beautifully framed for jewelry. *30mm settings are sold out 

Alternatively, small glue on jewelry bails are nice as well if you want a more minimal appearance without the frame.  They may be glued onto any size cabochon, and it is easy to put them together as small items for sale or for gift giving.  Just add a chain and they are ready for wearing.

25 mm Silver    $1 each

Silver Bail  $.50 each

Gold Bail  $.50  each

Style 1Style 2
New - Glass Cabochons
Each piece has a flat back for inlay

Eye Style 1 - Slitted pupil (cat type) Eye 8mm  3 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 1  Slitted pupils 10mm 2 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 1  Slitted pupils 12mm 2 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 2  - Round Pupils   8mm  3 pair $1               Out of Stock
Mixed colors

Eye Style 2  - Round Pupils  10mm  2 pair $1
Mixed colors

Eye Style 2  - Round Pupils   12mm  2 pair $1       
Mixed colors

The items below come in assortments.  Every assortment is different

Assorted Trees  30mm (approx 1 1/8")             
3 pieces for $2.50

Assorted Butterfly Designs   25mm  (approx 1")
5 pieces for $3

Assorted Sun/Moon/Stars Designs  30mm  (approx 1 1/8")     
3 pieces for $2.50

*See special metal pendant settings for the cabs below!