Rustic Leaves Bowl *
2 pages (1 color page)  $3

This project is quick and easy - use decoupage and woodburning to reinforce and accent a thin gourd and finish it in a variety of easy decorative woven rim treatments.
 Unique Gourd Projects!  

Here are some unusual projects to try!  If you have enjoyed my "Gourds" book, then you'll also like these individual projects.  Every project packet includes complete material and tool lists.  Each one includes complete step by step directions with helpful tips, new techniques, and information on different materials such as paints and finishes.   All projects are fully illustrated with photographs, and are printed on slick, heavy bond paper for the highest quality photo reproduction.

*The projects are graded by level of difficulty. The easiest projects have one star.  More advanced projects have additional stars.
 All projects are copyright 2006-2019 by Bonnie Gibson - Do not photocopy.  
Gourd Project Tutorials
Asian Suspended Vases **
4 pages (1 color page)   $4

This project shows you how to add chopstick legs to create an interesting suspended vase.   It also describes finishing methods, lid construction and embellishments.

Asian Vase Kit        
Includes the 4 page pattern, two pair of matching chopsticks, and 3 replica Chinese coins.  All you need is the gourd!    $10        

Coins and Chopsticks available separately on the Special Embellishments page.
Butterfly Birdhouse *
6 pages (2 color pages)  $5

This project describes the differences between functional and decorative birdhouses, and includes a chart of dimensions and hole sizes for attracting various birds.  Includes complete construction and painting instructions, and full sized butterfly patterns. 
Jigsaw Puzzle Gourds  **
5 pages (1 color page)  $4

Create an interesting jigsaw puzzle design gourd.  The project includes complete designing and cutting information.   Also included are ideas for modifications and instructions for an optional lid.

"Masquerade" Vases **
4 pages (1 color page)  $4

This project shows how to add a 3-dimensional mask to a gourd vase.  The project includes tips on color application and painting, and complete information on constructing the mask and applying it to the gourd surface. 
"Mouse Houses" ***
6 pages (1 color page)  $5

Learn how to construct a dollhouse type "Mouse House".  This project guides you through all phases of construction including adding doors and windows, landscaping and information on optional electrical lighting.  

Ornamental Treasure Boxes *
4 pages (1 color page)  $4

Here is a great quick and easy gourd project that utilizes small gourds.  The project includes directions for cutting the lid, applying a hinge and ties, and decoration ideas.  The color page includes photos of 3 different styles.

Gourd Teapots **
7 pages (1 color page)  $6

This one is two projects in one!  This packet shows you how to create two different styles of gourd teapots.  Included are different techniques for adding handles and spouts, information on specialty paints, basic relief carving, different types of lids and much more.  This one also includes a full size carving/painting pattern.
Wildlife Carving ****
10 pages (2 color pages)  $8

This project shows you tips, techniques, and step by step photos for high relief carving.  Information on carving tools and cutting burs is also included, as well as instructions for creating a lid.  Three different wildlife carving patterns are included.  Modify, reduce or enlarge them as needed to fit your gourd project.  
If you enjoy these projects, then you will also enjoy my "Gourds" book!  Click on the book cover to find out how to order a copy.
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© 2006-2009 Bonnie Gibson

Copyright notice:  
When you purchase a pattern or book, please keep in mind that is it copyrighted and is for personal use only. Any gourds that you create using the patterns may be offered for sale without asking permission, (although I encourage you to add your own personal touches.)

What you can't do:
You may not reproduce the pattern or text for use by others, offer it for sale or free download, or copy/send it to your friends. You cannot use the patterns or instructions to teach a class or workshop, unless prior permission has been obtained from Bonnie Gibson. 

Filigree Carving***
7 pages (1 color page)  $7

More than just a project; this is a step by step tutorial of this exciting technique.  This packet was designed for those that have wanted to take one of my filigree classes but live too far away.  While this packet can't replace the hands-on instruction you'd get in a class, it does have  a thorough explanation of the technique including design tips, tool selection, patterns, and much more.

Filigree Carving Burs 
(*I use each type; gourd density and thickness are the determining factors.)

Left: 1/16" carbide filigree bur.  This type of bur is very fast cutting and can create very delicate openings.  Openings are a bit coarser than with the other types of burs.  Works best on harder or thinner gourds.    $4.50

Middle:  Steel Carving Drills, 1/8" shank or thinner 3/32" shank.  Very aggressive but smooth cutting.   $15.50

Right: The small tapered 120 grit carbide bur is less aggressive and easier to handle for most beginners.   Choose this one for softer or thicker gourds.  $13.50 
Carving with Cutouts - Cardinals, Blue Jays and Backgrounds****
13 pages (1 color page)  $8   

This packet was designed for those that are unable to attend one of my advanced carving classes.  While this packet can't replace the hands-on instruction you'd get in a class, it does have lots of information including basic principles of 3 dimensional relief carving, carving with cutouts, design tips and patterns.  The packet uses Cardinals/Blue Jays to illustrate the basic technique; the same principles apply to other designs as well.  
Note: This packet includes 8 pages of background patterns and a page of Cardinal/Blue Jay patterns.  

*This packet is an excellent addition to the Wildlife Carving Packet.  
Note:  You can purchase the 8 pages of  Cardinal, Blue Jay and Backgrounds PATTERNS ONLY instead of the complete project with instructions.  $5     
*For this technique and for filigree carving, I recommend that you strengthen the gourd by pre-treating it with Wood Hardener.  Pour this product into a cleaned gourd, and let it soak in until the gourd won't absorb any more.  The excess can be poured back in the bottle and reused.  When dry, this liquid resin adds a lot of strength to the gourd.   This product is also recommended for gourds done with the filigree technique (shown below.)     $8  

Mask Making Techniques*
6 pages (1 color page)  $5  

This packet addresses the use of embellishments and how to attach and incorporate them into your mask design.  Includes how to tips for using horsehair, metal cones, feathers, antlers and African quills, and suggests other materials that can be used to decorate a gourd mask.

*Check out the Special Embellishments page for mask making supplies.

3-D Feather Carving***
7 pages (1 color page)  $6  

This packet was designed for those that are not able to attend one of my carving classes, but would like to learn  how to carve a feather in relief.  In this packet you'll find step by step dirctions, carving tips, information on feather anatomy, and patterns for several different feathers.  As a bonus, there is a reference page on bur selection, so you will know what shape and type bur is most useful for different parts of your carvings.

Cactus Fiber Embellishments**
7 pages (2 color pages)  $7 

Try your hand at one of the hottest new techniques using fiber from cactus.  The packet will show you two different methods of application; inlaid fiber and fiber that is applied to the surface with clay.   Also included are instructions for gathering and processing your own materials.  (Prepared fiber is NOT included)

*The Saburr Tooth large carbide cylinder bur works great for this project.  On the Carving Burs page.
Rock Art and Gourd Pottery**
5 pages (1 color page)  $5

Create a lightweight gourd wall sculpture with simple tools and materials.  Complete instructions are included for sculpting and painting the rock backing and for creating and painting the "ancient" gourd pottery.  A full sheet of petroglyph patterns is included, as well as some design ideas for painting your gourd pottery.
Metal Shavings Inlay ****
4 pages (1 color page)  $4

This tutorial is designed for those who already have a bit of experience with resin inlays (such as InLace products).  You'll learn about different adhesive binders and how to use brass machine shavings to create an interesting effect.

Related supplies:   
Insta-Set CA Glue for inlay on Tools Page

Copper Scrap and Brass Shavings for inlay on the Metals page.

This project was inlaid with Insta-Set CA glue.
Cholla Cactus Carving ***
6 pages (1 color page)  $6

This project is really fun and the specialized bur makes the carving a breeze.  You will need a D Rotary Chisel and some type of filigree bur to complete the project. (Filigree burs shown below next to the filigree project and also on the Carving Burs page.)  The project fully explains the cactus carving technique and is well illustrated.  (Please note that the clay sculpture is not part of this project.)

Rotary Chisels are available from
Fancy Filigree ***
8 pages (1 color page)  $7

This project complements and goes a step beyond the basic filigree project shown just below.  Instructions and photos  show you how to add and carve filigree with figural patterns.  Information on design layout, cutting techniques, burs, and pattern suggestions  are included.  

Special: Buy both the Filigree Packet and the Fancy Filigree Packet together and save.  You will get copies of both packets for $13.

War Shirt **
7 pages (1 color page)  $10  (includes one packet of texture medium)

This project has two fun techniques, faux beading and faux suede texture.  Included in the packet are complete instructions for these techniques, along with ideas and instructions for adding embellishments, bead patterns and other resources for inspiration.

Special: This project includes a packet of suede texture medium, which is enough to make 2-4 ounces of suede paint.  This is enough to do 1-2 projects. 

Additional packets of medium are available for $3.00

Extra texture medium

Note: Please visit the Special Embellishments page and the Metals page for items such as tin cones, sinew, claws, horsehair and other embellishments for this project.
Single Fine Filigree bur (left)   $4.50

 Carving Drill
(middle)  $15.50

Carbide Pointed Bur (right) $13.50

Carving Burs - Selection and Uses*
12 pages (4 color pages)  $10  
This packet is designed for those who want to learn more about the different types, shapes and sizes of carving burs that are good for carving gourds.  Included are explanations about what different shapes/types can do, and the pros and cons of different types of burs.  Nothing will beat hands on experimentation, but this should give you enough basic knowledge about the burs so you know which ones to use for different things.  

Note:  On a personal note, I sell the same carving burs that I use myself on the Carving Burs page .
Native Treasures**
5 pages (1 color pages)  $5
This packet shows you how to create a gourd with a carved faux inlaid stone necklace and beaten metal finish.  It includes tips on some decorative painting techniques and carving instructions.
Carving with Cutouts  Add On Pattern Packets****

These add-on patterns are designs from some of my advanced carving classes.  The original packet "Carving with Cutouts" as shown above may be supplemented with these new designs.  The patterns are also suitable for woodburning and painting projects.   **These include black and white line patterns only - no instructions are included in the patterns below. 

Desert Flora and Rabbit Patterns
3 pages - $3

Hummingbirds & Flowers Patterns
3 pages - $3

Sea Life Patterns - Turtles, Whales 
(including NW Coast) and Dolphins
3 pages - $3

OR  ALL three add-on patterns as listed above - $7.50
Pueblo Ladies**
5 pages (1 color pages) $5
This packet gives you creative ideas to create your own Pueblo Ladies style gourd.  The packet includes patterns and all instructions for every step along the way.  *NOTE - you may purchase suitable cabochons on the Inlay Supplies page.  I suggest a packet of ovals and one of small rounds.