These fossilized ammonites have been sliced in half, and the cut side has been polished. Every one is different.  They look great when inlaid into a gourd design, such as this lovely piece created by Phyllis Sickles.   Sizes vary from about 1 to 1.5 inches wide per piece, and they are sold in matched pairs.   $5 per pair

 LARGE AMMONITES  1.5 to 2 inches wide - #1  Quality
$6 per pair

 Agate Arrowheads
These arrowheads are really nice quality.  Each one is sharp and could actually be used on arrow reproductions.  Each one is cut from agate, and no two are alike.  The stone colors range from whites to browns, greys, brick red and black.  Each one is about 1 1/2"  in length.         $1 each, or 6 pieces for $5
Single Arrrowhead


6 Arrrowheads
Ammonite gourd by Phyllis Sickles
Large Carved Bone Feather Pendants

Assorted 2" feather pendants that compliment the bone feather earrings.  All are handpainted, and decorated with beads and a hanging loop. These are great as focal pieces on gourd masks and vases.    Shown with a bone feather earring for size comparison.

Price per SINGLE piece
Assorted colors and designs.    $3

Fantastic embellishments for Gourd Masks and other projects!
Please email me if you have questions about your order, or prefer to not use the shopping cart feature.  The shopping cart is designed for optimal operation when used with Windows Explorer.
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*Looking for Quills, Horsehair, Chopsticks, Beaded and Feathered cabachons and other special items?  
 "Special Effects" - Embellishments II
Carved Bone Feather Earrings
Special Purchase

These post earrings are handpainted, and decorated with beads. These look great on projects like the "Mask Vase" shown at right - or wear them as earrings!   
2 pair $1
*Looking for Metal Cones, Conchos, Studs  and other Metal items?  
Metal Embellishments
Earrings and More
*Looking for Heishi, Turquoise, Glass and Stone Cabochons ? 
Inlay Supplies
*Looking for Kits, Display items, Oil Candles, Dreamcatchers and miscellaneous items? 
Kits and Displays
Mask with inlaid half shell earrings
Left:  Heavy Inlaid Shell Earring Pairs.    Mostly inlay, some shell at bottom  $10  Priced per PAIR

Note: These are samples - these will give you an idea of colors, most are about 1 1/2" long.  Email me if you have a specific color or shape request and I will fill it as close as possible. Both Squared end and rounded end pairs and many colors are available. Contact me for current availability if you have a special request and I will try to accomdate your needs.
*Lightweight and comfortable to wear! 
Idea:  Embellish inlaid earrings and feather earrings with beads!
Lion's Paw Shell pendants with rope ends
Available in matched pairs (shell is a natural product, there will be some variation)  or as single drops.  Awesome earrings or pendants for gourd masks!
Smaller pairs have triangular shaped shells.

$6  per matched pair    

$3 per single      
Karen Phillips used Lion's Paw shell pendants to create this wonderful southwestern mask.
All Inlaid Stone - Fancy Inlay
Assorted  colors shapes, sizes and designs.  The items shown here are just examples, there may be other colors or styles available.  Made from synthetic block stone.

Spiney Oyster Shell Disc Beads
 These have a beautiful orange and tan color and a textural surface.  They are drilled for stringing but also look good glued into a carved channel.  
10 pcs for $1.50
Limited supply

The photo shows these as a pendant but they come with earring wires attached.

Pair, inlaid full shell   $14
Lion's Paw Shell Teardrop pendants

Available in matched pairs (shell is a natural product, there will be some variation)  or as single drops.  Awesome earrings or pendants for gourd masks!  Drilled for hanging.

$4  per matched pair 

$2 per single   

Kathe Stark used Lion's Paw shell teardrop pendants to create this wonderful southwestern mask.
Fetish Bear Feather Dangles
Stone fetish bears with added beads, pewter feathers, and loop for hanging on gourd projects or making into earrings. 

Small - $2 each pc   

Medium - $2.25 each pc

Large - $2.50 each pc
Inlaid Shell Earring PAIRS
 Half Shell Style  $10  
Turquoise Spear Fan  $2  

Coral Spear Fan  $2
NEW Magnesite Turquoise or Coral (9 Stones) Spear Fans  $2  
Magnesite Turquoise Donuts

Small  20mm      $2 each

Large  30mm      $2.50

Sedona Collection contains:
2 Lion's Paw Pendants - 1 Heishi strand 
10 India Crow Marble beads - 10 Lion's Paw Discs
Turquoise Collection contains:
10 India Crow Marble beads - 10 Magnesite washers 10mm
5 Magnesite Cabochons 16mm - Magnesite Fan 
Fetish Bear dangle
Totem Energy Stones - Feel the energy when you rub these stones.  Carry them in your pocket or make them into a special cabochon for your next gourd project.  They vary in size but are approx. 1" x 2" x 1/4" thick.  If you are going to use them as a cabochon be sure you have a very thick shelled gourd.  Select the design you want. Color of stone and design will be random. $3 each    
Kokopelli                                                        Wolf's Paw
Crow Marble Beads - 10mm come in three colors; shades of salmon with gold flecks, shades of turquoise with gold flecks and shades of red. A striking addition to any gourd piece or beading project.  Sold in bag of 10 pieces for $2 a bag.
Mixed colors Crow Marble Beads
10 pcs. $2
Some bags are all one color some are mixed - no choice in color, luck of the draw.
December Super Special
All earrings half price.  Discount will be given when you check out.
This offer is good for as long as our supply lasts.  When these earrings are sold out we will not be reordering.  
Note the photos are examples only of colors available.  It's luck of the draw color wise as we had no control over what colors we would receive from our supplier.