A gourd crafting book by Bonnie Gibson
Gourds with Southwestern Motifs
Rainsticks, Masks, Vessels & More
Publisher's Summary: 
Gourds make the perfect three-dimensional canvas. With their varied sizes and shapes, they’re nature’s gift to the crafter, who can use a multitude of techniques to transform them into breathtaking pieces. Cut them, carve them, paint them, inlay them with stone, or embellish them with leather, fur, feathers, and botanicals: the magnificent possibilities are all featured in this splendid guide, which covers all the gourd crafting basics. Find out how to choose the right gourd (or grow your own); what safety procedures to follow; how to clean, cut, and smooth the gourd; and which tools and decorative materials to use. The projects range from a native rattle and gourd mask to a faux basketry vessel and nested vases and bowls. 
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Some comments from people that have received their copies:

Thank you so much for sharing all that you know in this book, it will be a wonderful inspriation and resource for a long time.  Cannot wait to return to the studio and create some new pieces for the coming year!

Received Bonnie Gibson's new book yesterday in the mail: Gourds: Southwest Gourd Techniques & Projects from Simple to Sophisticated.  Have just had a few minutes here and there to dip into it, but am mightily impressed.  She is one very talented lady and now she has a publication to add to her resume.  And the photos in the book are incredible.  Beautiful.  And incredibly inspiring.  Makes me want to get back to work. 

I have never come across a gourd art book that is as informative, filled with the variety  or the  high sophistication of the gourd art as  in your new book! Your work is so well thought out and each detail of each piece is finished to perfection.  You  seem follow your own art beat, creating distinctive and fresh work.

I got mine last Friday and it is SO GREAT!  I have a ton of ideas to do with the projects now.  I think it may be the best book out there for all levels of gourders.  

I just got my copy of Bonnie Gibson's new book yesterday and I have not been able to put it down - it is just jam packed with good info as well as projects.  She has information for the new to the more advanced gourd artists - something for everyone and it is all well written too!    .... it is the most comprehensive gourd book that I have seen on the market …  The projects do spark your imagination of things that you can do.

Now available from Echo Point Books and also on Amazon.com!  The book has been revised with an added chapter on filigree carving, and an updated gallery section.