Incredibly smooth and as easy to use as a pencil, the Turbo Carver II gives you the power to create beautifully detailed engravings and relief carvings in Wood, Gourds, Glass, Bone, Stone, Paper, Leather, Hard Metals, Eggs, Antler, Gems, and the like. If you can trace a line, using our stencil systems, training video and the ultra high speed handpiece you can create beautiful engravings and carvings with your first try.
The biggest advantage is the price.  Turbo Carver II is a complete package with hand piece, variable speed foot control, small particle air filter, inline air pressure gauge, training video, 2 burs, operators manual, bur catalog, sample of our peel off mylar stencil material, small brush and dust mask. Also available with 1/2hp tankless air compressor and foot operated electrical switch to operate compressor and Water Spray System.  The Turbo Carver II comes with a 30 day money back guarantee,and a 6 month Manufacturers Defect Warranty. 
All regular rotary carving tools operate at low speed due to their motor bulk and friction armature restrictions. Slow speed handpieces use 1/8 inch diameter burs while ultra high speed instruments use 1/16 inch diameter dental burs. The slow speed hand piece is excellent for bulk or gross reduction where detail and precision is not a consideration. For engraving, doing fine details, or carving unusual materials such as glass, eggshells, and much more, nothing can beat an high speed air tool.
What is a "High Speed Carving Tool"?
High speed handpieces have a light weight turbine with a small diameter. Therefore, compressed gas can spin these turbines at very high speeds of 350,000 to 450,000 RPM. On the other hand, there is hardly any torque produced by these instruments, hence the ability to carve in extremely fine detail. The principal behind high speed instruments is angular velocity, not torque. The advantage of these instruments lies in their phenomenal ability to precisely remove material, without stressing you or what you are working on.  These tools are not to be confused with "micro-motor" type tools, which have small handpieces but are motor driven.  These high speed tools are driven by compressed air and operate at at least 10 times greater speed!
Complete Turbo Carver II System
Includes everything you need to get started including the Lube-free handpiece, a training video, 2 burs, (one carbide and one diamond) operators manual, bur catalog, sheet of mylar stencil material, dust mask, small brush,  and the new Turbo Carver Air Compressor.  It comes set up with a foot control, tubing, and an air gauge, ready to use with your Turboc Carver. Weighing only 16 pounds, and quieter than most compressors (about as loud as hair dryer), it is portable, easy to use and requires no draining or oiling as tank compressors do.
$615 (plus $35 S&H) 

* Compressor only: $340 plus $35 shipping
Soft Ergonomic Handle (Grip) and looped airline are designed with total comfort in mind, allowing for a good solid grip on the tool. The rubberized surface does not get cold in your hand like the metal handpieces.

5 Micron Miniature Filter in-line with the foot control. This filter removes any particles that were not previously removed by the regulator filter on the compressor.

Miniature Air Pressure Gauge is located in-line with the hand piece tubing for the optimum regulator setting. Low settings produce poor performance, high settings could destroy the hand piece and you can't rely on the reading indicated on the regulator.

Variable Speed Foot Control with lifetime warranty, allows you to vary the speed so that you can use low speed grinding burs as well as high speed cutters.
Features of the Turbo Carver II System:
Click on the photos for a larger view!
To save on shipping, all Turbocarver units are sent to you directly from the manufacturer.  Unless otherwise requested, your instructional video will be in DVD format.
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Please contact me to order or obtain additional information.  
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Air Powered
...450,000 rpm and totally lube free!
High Speed Air Carving Systems
There are several different tools available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Some air tools are actual dental handpieces and are fine pieces of machinery.  These tools are of a very high quality and are very durable, but they also carry a higher price tag.  Other models are designed for hobby and crafting uses and cost much less, but they are not intended to endure heavy duty professional use.  Only you know your own interest, carving level, hours of use and budget concerns.  If you are interested in a high speed tool for fine detail work, be sure to read all of the information carefully to select the tool that meets your needs.  

For years, I have offered the Turbo Carver, which is the smallest, lightest air tool on the market.  This tool also has the advantage of being lube free, which means the sealed inner bearings do not require oiling.  The Turbo Carver is also one of the lowest priced tools available and is suitable for light users that are on a budget.   

Read below to find out about the features of each tool. 
Turbo Carver II 
Is a  complete package with  includes everything you need to get started using your own air compressor.  (Any compressor rated ½ horsepower or over will provide sufficient air to operate the Turbo Carver II.)  Lube-free handpiece, variable speed foot control, small particle air filter, in-line air pressure gauge, training video, 2 burs, (a 699 carbide and a MM5 diamond) operators manual, bur catalog, sheet of mylar stencil material, small brush and dust mask.
$304 (plus $20 S&H)

Using a high speed tool is like drawing with a pencil.  With a little practice, you can get some great results.

All of the dragonfly outlines and of the all detailing on the owl head were carved with an air tool!
These systems are drop shipped from our suppliers.
To order call us at  360-515-1584 (8AM-5PM PDT).