Want the great look of a woven dreamcatcher on your gourd, but don't want to do the weaving yourself?  Try one of these premade dreamcatchers - see the photo below to see the great results you can get.  Simply cut a hole in the gourd, drill a few holes, and lace the dreamcatcher onto the gourd! Feathers vary, no choice of color.  
 2" size - $2.50 each                        3" size - $3.50 each                                   4" size - $4.50 each                                                            
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Other Supplies and Tools:
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Wooden Stands, Oil Lamp Inserts, Dream Catchers
 Wooden Stands
  Carved from a single, intertwined piece of wood, these stands fold up into a tube shape for easy storage.  Stands are measured by their folded size.

8" stands - $4 

6" stands -  $3.50    
4" stands - $3         
Glass Candle Inserts -  Safety first!

Left: Glass oil lamp inserts have reservoirs to hold lamp oil and a small lip which allows them to be suspended inside a gourd.  Inserts are approximately 1/2" in diameter and 3" tall. Glass wick insert and wick are included.
Box of Three Inserts - $12 

Right: This great new micro size oil funnel makes filling the lamp inserts fast and easy!  *If you sell finished gourds with oil candles, your customers will appreciate having one included with their purchase.
$1.25 each
*Looking for Bone, and Shell Beads and other unique items?  Embellishments
*Looking for Feathered and Beaded Cabochons, Horsehair, Quills, Lacings and other Special supplies?
Special Embellishments
*Looking for Heishi, Turquoise Cabochons and Arrowheads? 
 Inlay Supplies

Some finished examples of small gourds with oil candle inserts.
*Looking for Apoxie Sculpt and Clay Tools? 
 Apoxie Sculpt
 Large rolls of 5mm masking tape - perfect for laying out designs and masking small areas!   $1.50 per roll