General Shipping Info
I normally ship orders the same day if possible.  If I am out of town teaching, shipments may be delayed a few days.  Please check the home page for notices of when I am away.  Arizona Gourds is a one person business, so I thank you for your patience when a delay occurs.  Excellent customer service and fast shipping is my goal.

This site has a no-frills shipping cart, and as such, shipping charges are calculated at a flat rate based on the total amount.
This method does not take into consideration the weight of the items, so if you have ordered small or lightweight items, you will get some free items and/or a partial shipping refund. 
I am not out to gouge people on the shipping costs, but remember that there are associated costs with shipping beyond the postage.  I pay for tape, ink, packing materials as well as fees paid to paypal for accepting credit cards.

Most items are shipped via Priority Mail or by First Class mail if they are lightweight.  Books and project packets shipped by themselves may be sent via first class or media mail.   If they are included with other items they are usually shipped by Priority mail.  I also use flat rate envelopes and boxes when possible.  Both Priority Mail and First Class mail are very fast.  INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED AUTOMATICALLY ON PACKAGES.  If you want insurance, please let me know and I will advise you if there will be an additional charge. Otherwise, packages lost or damaged in the mail are your repsonsibility.

Incorrect Addresses
Please let me know if you want your package shipped to an address other than the one provided by paypal (usually your business address where credit card bills are sent.)  I know many people have summer and winter addresses and I want to make sure your package goes to the correct location.  If the address is incorrect because of your oversight,  you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges on items returned to me by the Post Office. 

Delivery Confirmation/Tracking
I use USPS delivery confirmation and tracking on shipments.  Look for an emailed shipping notice when the package has been sent.  Please be sure your email address and shipping address are registered correctly with paypal if you move or change your address.   If your package never arrives, I will replace it.  The package will be scanned as "delivered" by the USPS when it arrives at your address.  Once the package has been marked as delivered, it is your responsibility to ensure your mail is safe.

More About Shipping Charges & Refunds of Excess Charges
Shipping charges are calculated at a flat rate based on the total amount of your order. It is calculated automatically as you shop, based on how much you order and adjusts automatically once you reach a certain amount.  Excess shipping amounts will be refunded to you when the order is processed for shipping. 
Example - you order 4 lb of Apoxie Sculpt OR you order 2 or 3 lightweight burs.  Both have similar dollar amounts.  The rate charged is often too little for heavy packages (I never ask you to pay more!) but just as often it is too high for lightweight packages.  Lightweight shipments will get a partial refund.
It's not my intent to make money on processing and shipping so refunding any excess is the only way I can handle the excessive charges you might incur if you are ordering lightweight items. The shopping cart doesn't know whether the items are lightweight or heavy. 

Items unwanted may be returned at your expense for a refund. Please note that returns must be in original condition, and the cost of shipping is not refunded, only the cost of the product. 

International Shipments including Canada
Shipping charges vary greatly depending on the country.  Please note that some items such as paints, glues and wood hardener may NOT be shipped out of the USA. 

Shipping to Canada is calculated in the shopping cart, but I reserve the right to adjust these charges as necessary, as shipping to Canada has gone up incredibly in the last few months. Even a 2 ounce package costs over $6, and heavy packages may be much higher than the automated charge.  (If you decide the costs are too high, the order can be cancelled and refunded.) 

When shipping to other international addresses, shipping is NOT included in the shopping cart. Shipping will be an extra charge after your items have been packed and weighed. It is usually easier if you email me with your order instead of using the shopping cart.  This way, I can calculate the entire total and send you an invoice for the correct amount. 

Questions?  Please email me at

Shipping Information