Ringneck Pheasant Pelts

Ringneck Pheasant pelts include the tail feathers and wings - and often (but not always) the head. You can use sections of the pelt, leaving the feathers attached to the skin, or pull individual feathers off to use on your gourd project.  There are a wide variety of feather colors on each pelt! 

*Note -  the tail will be removed from the pelt to make packing easier and to prevent damage during shipping.  $11 each      
Black. White and Brown Horsehair

1 ounce bundles of 15" long clean black horsehair.  $6 each
1 ounce bundles of 15" long clean white horsehair.  $6 each         

1 ounce bundles of 15" long clean brown horsehair.  $6 each         

3 ounce bundles of 15" long clean black horsehair.  $15 each  

3 ounce bundles of 15" long clean white horsehair.  $15 each 

3 ounce bundles of 15" long clean brown horsehair.  $15 each 

*Horsehair works great with the small metal cones shown on the Metals Page
Special Effects - Embellishments
Things that are out of the ordinary!  These items are attractive and unusual accents for your gourd projects, and some are especially great for gourd masks.
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Feather and Bead Embellished Cabochons
These cabochons have been decorated with a row of beading and a layer of pheasant feathers.  They can be sewn on or glued directly onto a gourd. 
These are from a new supplier, and the price is much lower!  Cabochons are approximately 2 1/2" wide.

Center cabochons are available in red, green and blue.     $5 each    
     Red    Green Blue

These exotic wood chopstick sets are a fantastic accent on gourds!  Some examples are shown, every shipment is different.  Please let me choose one for you.  Each comes with a hardwood chopstick rest    (Styles and colors vary)

1 set - Chopsticks and Rest   $4    Out of Stock   

Chopstick Rest ONLY  $2   Out of Stock

Complete Asian Vase set - Pattern Packet,  4 Chopsticks,   Out of Stock   
and 3 Chinese (Replica) Coins  $10  
A chopstick rest makes a nice handle!
Use some of these exotic supplies to embellish gourd masks!
African Porcupine Quills
These quills make great decorative accents to your gourd projects. Use them for handles across the top opening of a gourd, or decorate a mask!  All of these are thick, premium quills.

10 pcs. 7-8"  Thick Quills  $10

10 pcs.  9-12" Thick Quills      $15

10 pcs. 13-16" Quills  $15
*Note: These are thinner

Beaded Native American Style Rosettes
The beads are stitched to a flexible leather backing so they can be glued directly onto a gourd or sewn on through predrilled holes.

Small Size - Approximately 1 3/4" wide  $2 each   New - Larger 3" rosettes  $3.50

*These are only a few of the many designs and colors available. 
Please let use select one for you, or email me if you want a matching pair or have color preferences. 
This gourd has beaded rosettes inlaid into the surface for a stunning (yet easy) beaded look!

Deer Skin Lacing
These 36" laces are soft and supple.  Unlike the cowhide suede lacing you buy at the craft stores, this soft deerskin lacing is easy to use and hangs beautifully.

Now available in 7 colors!  From top to bottom:  Black, dark brown, dark saddle and saddle (chamois color), not shown:  White, Turquoise and Red
$1.50 per lace
email me

Dark Brown


Dark Saddle

Feathered Gourds by Phyllis Sickles. 
Be sure to visit the Inlay Supplies page and the Glass page for Dichroic Glass, Turquoise Cabochons, Heishi and more items for inlay and accents.
Artificial Sinew
Spools of natural, black, red, and NEW turquoise colored sinew

Natural - $2.25      Natural - $10
20 yards   8 ounces

Black - $2.25         Red- $2.25  
20 yards  20 yards

Turquoise $3.50
20 Yards
  Chinese Coins

Ching Dynasty Coin Replicas
These are really nice replicas of the real thing.  These go great with the chopsticks below and the Asian Vase Project.

3 pieces for $2

10 pieces for $5
Agate Arrowheads
These arrowheads are really nice quality.  Each one is sharp and could actually be used on arrow reproductions.  Each one is cut from agate, and no two are alike.  The stone colors range from creamy tans and whites to jade green and brick red.  Each one is about 1 1/2" in length. 

$1 each

6 for $5

This gourd has an arrowhead accent.
Be sure to visit the Bone Beads and Embellishments page for Bone Beads and other great embellishments.  Or, visit the New METALS page for Studs, Conchos, Chinese Coins and metal cones.
Individual pheasant feathers were woven into this coiled gourd bowl. The washer style beads are on the embellishments page.
20 yds - small rollNEW! 8 ounces - LARGE roll
Leather Cord

This 1.5 mm round cord is crafted from real leather, and is perfect for jewelry, lacing and more.  *Note - this new stock is slightly thicker than previously offered.   $5 per spool

Black         Brown  -
Large size rosettes
(Not Shown)

(Not Shown)

(not shown)
More on the way - these should be back in stock soon.