Here's an easy way to find articles from past newsletters.  Information on classes, schedule, etc. will be out of date, but the articles and tips are always useful.   
Arizona Gourds Newsletter Index
Articles: 2006 Welburn Festival Report 
Articles: Drum Making   
Articles: Beaded Rim Tutorial  
Articles: Creativity and Composition      
Articles: Ohio and NM Show Reports
Articles: Exercises in Creativity - Ostrich Egg Carving
Tip: Cleaning Burs
Tip: Dust Masks    
Tip: Useful household items     
Tip: Pattern transferring
Tip: Carving recesses for inlay 
Tip: Why I don't use leather dyes (humor)                                         
Articles: 2007 Wuertz Festival Preview 
Articles: Gourds in History   
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report 
Articles: Composition Skills   
Articles: NY's Gourd Gallery
Articles: Mexican Gourds and Crafts
Tip: Dye Ink Cleanups
Tip: Replacement Saw Blades    
Tip: Patina Paint Tips     
Tip: Dust Collection
Tip: Coloring Carved Areas
Tip: Huichol Beading on Gourds                                  
Articles: Stained Glass Gourd Votive
Articles: Crossover Artists - Artist Feature   
Articles: Selling Artwork - Gourdhead Humor 
Articles: Selling Gourds part two - China Trip  
Articles: Marketing your Artwork - Other Crafts

Tip: Growing a Gourd inside a Gourd
Tip: Waxed Linen Reference    
Tip: Portable Power     
Tip: Tips to Enjoy a Gourd Show
Tip: Shiva Paint Sticks
Articles: Gourds on the Web
Articles: About Gourd Classes   
Articles: 2008 Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Student Photo Gallery  
Tip: Using Compressed Air
Tip: Repairing Cracks and Breaks    
Tip: Cleaning Hard to Clean Gourds     
Tip: Strengthening Weak Gourds

Articles: Tips and Tools for Cutting Gourds
Articles: Bonnie Gibson Interview
Articles: Welburn Gourd Festival - Artist Profile
Articles: Student Art Work
Tip: Instructional Videos
Tip: Your Basic Tool Box
Tip: High Speed Air Tools   
Tip: Smelly Gourds    

Articles: Attaching Embellishments - Gourd Storage
Articles: Waterproofing Gourds - FL Retreat Report
Articles: Waterproofing Part2  - TX Festival Report
Articles: Selling your Gourds part 4
Tip: Reference Photo Files
Tip: Horsehair Insertion
Tip: Keeping Woodburning Pens Cool
Tip: Rotary Tool Hangers
Articles: Respirators - Scrimshaw
Articles: Crossover Artists
Articles: 2009 Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Stains and Finishes - Artist Profile
Tip: Flattening Gourd Bases
Tip: Air Dry Clay Tips
Tip: Exterior Finishes
Tip: Unusual Cutting Tools
Articles: Southern Gourd Retreat Report
Articles: ID & CA Class Reports - Rotary Chisels
Articles: TX & Sonoita Class Reports - Luffa Soap
Articles: Gourd Carvers/Wood Carvers
Tip: Lighting a Gourd Pumpkin
Tip: Bur "Burning" Causes and Cures
Tip: Sanders & Dust Collectors
Articles: Grand Canyon Art Residency Special
Articles: Artist Profiles - Gourd Humor
Articles: FL & TX Reports
Articles: Lacquerware Gourds
Tip: Replacement Mini Saw Blades
Tip: Gourd Scrap Projects
Tip: Gourd Scrap Projects Part 2
Tip: Homemade Beading Wax
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Tip: Working with Drum Skins
Tip: Apoxie Clay Tips
Tip: More Apoxie Clay Tips
Tip: Zendoodling
Articles: Gourd Sculptures, Part 2
Articles: Gourd Musical Instruments, Part 1
Articles: Gourd Musical Instruments, Part 2
Articles: Gourd Ornaments, Product/Book Reviews
Tip: Keyless Chucks and Flexshaft Tips
Tip: Extending the Life of Craft Materials
Tip: Attaching Embellishments
Tip: Humor!
Articles: World Gourd Artists, Part 1
Articles: World Gourd Artists, Part 2
Articles: Gourd Lamps, Part 1
Articles: Gourd Lamps, Part 2 - Gourd Sculptures
Tip: Handy Measuring Tools
Tip: Product Review: Grip All Jaws
Tip: Cleaning the Inside of a Gourd
Tip: Making a Tacked Head Drum
Articles: Zendoodles - Getting Art in a Gallery
Articles: Gourd Pryrography
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Gourd Feathered Friends

Tip: Best Gourd Books
Tip: Writing a Gourd Art Grant
Tip: Gourd Storage
Tip: Glycerine Pine Needles
Articles: A Few Gourd Men
Articles: Apoxie Sculpt Tutorial
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Brazil Adventure
Articles: Mini Gourds
Articles: Gourd Purses
Articles: Emerging Artists - Product Reviews
Articles: Resist Dying Techniques
Tip: Lighted Reading Glasses
Tip: Sanding Tips
Tip: Rainstick Tutorial
Tip: Making Your Gourd Sit
Articles: Ink Dye Tips
Articles: Color Mixing
Articles: Distressed and Molded Gourds
Articles: Gourd Jewelry
Tip: Painting the Gourd Interior
Tip: Using a Micro Torch
Tip: Pitt Pen Ornaments
Tip: Book Review
Articles: Gourd Jewelry Part 2
Articles: Gourd Lids
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Gourd Bottoms
Tip: Book Review
Tip: Soldered Gourd Jewelry
Tip: Book Reviews
Tip: Candle Lid Votive holder
Articles: Baskets & Gourds Conference Review
Articles: Unusual Gourd Projects
Articles: The Ethics of Copying/Book Reviews
Articles: Birdhouses and Birdfeeders
Tip: Micromotor Tool Review
Tip: Eye Protection
Tip: Cleaning Warty Gourds
Tip: Storage Ideas
Articles: A Gourd Alphabet
Articles: Making Gourd Paper/Transtint Dyes
Articles: Pysanky / Flexshaft Info
Articles: Holiday Gourds
Tip: Simple Painting Tip
Tip: Cutting Stone Cabochons
Tip: Painting Dots
Tip: Green Scraping Gourds
Articles: Masks
Articles: Featured Artists
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Colored Pencil on Gourds

Tip: Staybowlizer
Tip: Unusual Gourd Cleaning
Tip: Simple Brush Cleaning
Tip: Sharing Photo Files
Articles: Woodburning
Articles: Beading on Gourds
Articles: Inlay on Gourds
Articles: Musical Instrument Museum
Tip: Joining Gourd Pieces
Tip: Cracking or Exploding Gourds
Tip: Gloves and Non-Slip Surfaces
Tip: Patina Tricks 
Articles: Functional VS Non-Functional / Teapots
Articles: AGS/ Gourd Pioneers/ Book Reviews
Articles: Gourd Stands and Displays
Articles: Recycled/Upcycled Art
Tip: Cleaning Woodburning Pens
Tip: Casting with Resin
Tip: Cleaning Supplies as Art Material
Tip: Stand for Painting Gourds
Articles: Related Arts/Phyllis Sickles
Articles: Pointers for attending a Gourd Show
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report
Articles: Gourd Book Reviews
Tip: Another Stand for Painting Gourds
Tip: Glue Stand
Tip: Hoof Knife Gourd Cleaner
Tip: Golden Paints
Articles: Class Report/ Product Review
Articles: Buffalo/Coyote Gourds - Show Reports
Articles: Book Reviews - Critter Clay
Articles: Wood Dyes
Articles: Tips for Shipping Gourds
Tip: Staybowlizer
Tip: Transferring Patterns
Tip: Air Dry Clay tips
Tip: Staying clean when using dyes
Tip: A Basic Tool Box
Articles: Artistry Award
Articles: Wuertz Festival Report/ Book Reviews
Articles: Cara Bevan Feature / Tool Review
Articles: Carving Burs and Micromotors
Tip: Abranet Sanding Mesh
Tip: Update on Abranet 
Tip: Cleaning up dye 
Tip: Label Uses
Articles: Midwest Classes
Articles: Washington Classes
Articles: Massimo Leotardi Feature / Carving Boxes
Articles: Mark Doolittle Feature/ Heard Museum
Tip: Rotary Tool Accessories
Tip: Gourd fairy gardens
Tip: Bur Cleaning
Tip: Handy Measuring tools
Articles: Copying/Creativity - Carol Kroll Feature
Articles: Tips to Enjoy a Festival/Woodcarving Videos
Articles: Wuertz Festival/ Gourd Class Photos
Articles: California Activity Report/ Woodturning Art
Tip: Pine Needle Tips
Tip: Selling your Gourds
Tip: Slip Proof Apron
Tip: Painting the inside of your gourds
Articles: Venues for Selling your Gourd Art
Articles: Powertex Substitute
Articles: Featured Artist: Kim Dublo
Articles: Gourd Retreats/Sanding Tools & Techniques
Tip: Insetting a stone
Tip: Glycerining Pine Needles
Tip: Repairing Cracks or Flaws
Tip: Patina Paint Tips
Articles: Composition/Creativity - DVD review
Articles: Wuertz Competion/Woodburning book review
Articles: Bill Colligen Fine Art Gourds
Articles: Southwestern Baskets and Gourds

Tip: Uses for Compressed Air
Tip: Simple Painting tool
Tip: Workbench tool holder
Tip: Kraft Tex

Articles: Diane Daubert Gourds
Articles: Ryan Armstrong - Diana Frederick Gourds
Articles: Terrol Johnson Gourd Baskets / Travels

Tip: Resp-O-Rator
Tip: Diamond Burs
Tip: Magnifying Visor

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Tip: Faux Painting Stones with Alcohol Inks
Tip: Soldering brass embelishments
Tip: Cleaning Sanding Tools
Tip: Painting Raindrops
Articles: Gourd Baskets - Book Review
Articles: Raven Gourd/Young Artist/Gourd Show Tips
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